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Acie Bonsai Driftwood is the producer and supplier of bonsai driftwood worldwide. Bonsai driftwood tree, which is a handicraft product, is used for decoration in aquarium, planted tank, nature aquarium, arowana tank, fish tank, shrimp tank, reptile, paludarium, terrarium… or decor item for either interior or exterior. It is all made by handicraft and natural […]

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• Bonsai driftwood contains tannic acid, so it will soften the water(KH level) and therefore lower the pH level • Safe for water environment • Easy to create a beautiful landscape layout with many kind of rocks • Last for very long time in submerge condition • Provides cover for fish, shrimp while enhancing the […]

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Treatment before use

Bonsai driftwood contains tannic acid, a natural compound occuring that stains water yellow or brown-tannins are responsible for creating “blackwater” habitats like the Amazon River. To prevent tannins from affecting your water chemistry, boil the bonsai driftwood or soak it for a peroid of 1 week before adding it to the tank. Boiling and soaking […]

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• Models of bonsai driftwood tree are various, customer can choose the available items in stock on my Website/Facebook/Fanpage or order by your own need, design, drawings, photos on internet. All of the models can be done or redone in any size. • Provides in retail, wholesale and big purchase with good price. • International […]

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